Prevention is better than needing to find cure, so buy healthy-looking fish from a reputable aquatic or pet retailer. Most goldfish and tropical fish are hardy creatures but, like any pet, they may sometimes get sick. Many ailments are triggered by poor water conditions (e.g. dirty aquarium water) or poor nutrition, so keep the aquarium properly maintained with AQUARIAN® Tap Water Safe and always feed a quality diet with AQUARIAN® fish food.

NOTE: Most common fish ailments can be treated with remedies that are available from an aquatic or pet retailer.

What to do if your fish looks sick?

Bear in mind that unhygienic aquarium conditions (e.g. dirty water; dirty gravel) are a common cause of many fish ailments. At the first sign of any illness, perform a partial water change and clean the gravel. Remember to treat the replacement water with AQUARIAN® Tap Water Safe. Try to identify the problem. If you are unsure what your fish is suffering from, seek advice from your aquarium retailer. It may help to get a sample of your aquarium water tested. Many aquatics retailers offer a water testing service. Bring a cup full of aquarium water in a clean glass jar.


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