Good food — the recipe for success.

Choosing the right food for your fish is important. Remember that the food you feed your fish is its only source of nourishment, so it is key to choose wisely!

With AQUARIAN® fish food, you can be sure you are giving your fish a complete and balanced diet containing all of the nutrients your fish need to stay healthy.

Made with top-quality ingredients, AQUARIAN® fish food has been developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians at The WALTHAM Centre – A World Leading Authority on Pet Care and Nutrition.

Your fish have a well-developed taste and will reject food they do not like, which leads to the polluting of your aquarium water and your fish not getting the nourishment they need to stay healthy.

Studies over many years confirm that fish enjoy the natural taste of AQUARIAN® fish food. The unique recipe is also easy for your fish to digest, which means that more of the food ends up as nourishment for your fish, and less as pollution in your aquarium water.

AQUARIAN® fish food helps your fish stay healthy and active and keeps the water in your aquarium clean and clear. 

How much AQUARIAN® fish food do I feed?


Because AQUARIAN® fish food is so nutritious, you do not need to feed a lot to keep your fish happy and healthy. Ideally, feed your fish twice per day, in the morning and early evening. At each feed, give them only as much food as they can consume within five minutes.

Remove any excess food (using a fine-meshed net) that is remaining after five minutes. You’ll soon be able to judge the correct amount to feed.

Weekends and Holidays

Leaving for holiday and can’t find anyone to feed your fish? No troubles; the AQUARIAN® Holiday Feeding Block will supply food to your fish when you are away up to 10 days.

Place one fish feeder block into your aquarium before leaving on holiday. It feeds 20 average-sized fish in a 40 litre tank.


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