How often you need to service an aquarium will depend on its size and the number of fish. The below is a general guide only.


  • Check that the filter is working and that the thermometer is reading within normal range for your fish.
  • Spend a few minutes monitoring your aquarium and fish. Check for fish and water-changing conditions. If your fish do develop a problem, then the earlier you know about it, the easier it is to remedy it.

NOTE: Refer to Guide to Fish section Healthcare.

  • Feed AQUARIAN® fish food twice a day:
    • For goldfish food, click here.
    • For tropical food, click here.
    • For bottom-feeder food, click here.


  • Count your fish. In case of fish death, smaller species can decompose quickly, resulting in ammonia and nitrite spikes in your aquarium, which can lead to high nitrate levels. Monitoring the water chemistry of the aquarium will allow you to catch problems before they occur. Your local aquatic store can assist with testing your aquarium water.
  • Add AQUARIAN® Weekly Cleaner to your tank to help keep your aquarium clean and healthy, and overall reducing maintenance. 

Every Other Week

  • Perform water changes by removing 20-25% of the water from the tank using a gravel siphon cleaner tube. Replace with tap water that has been dechlorinated (Refer to Guide to Fish section Starting your Aquarium, Step 7). Simply add the tap water to fill your aquarium, then add the appropriate quantity of water conditioner (two full caps per 20 litres of aquarium water). Warm the new water to aquarium temperature before pouring it into the tank. You can do this by adding a little hot water (e.g. from the kettle) to the bucket containing the tap water. Mix and check the temperature using a glass aquarium thermometer. Once it is at the desired temperature and treated with AQUARIAN® Tap Water Safe, add the water to the aquarium slowly to not disturb the environment.
  • Clean the aquarium walls.
  • Replace and rinse new filter inserts (cartridges) with the extracted water.


  • Remove any trapped dirt from the gravel using a siphon tube or special gravel siphon cleaner. Remove algae from the viewing glass using an algae scraper or algae ‘magnet’. Various gadgets for cleaning gravel are available from your aquatic retailer.

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