Three small fish with a bright teal stripe swimming to the right


We understand the simple joys and relaxation of fishkeeping. For over 40 years the AQUARIAN® brand has supported families to provide the right care for their fish with a range of complete fish foods and water treatments. Care for your fish, both inside and out.


We’re the leading fish food company in the UK– we’re committed to better fish nutrition. By combining wholesome ingredients with the perfect mix of nutrients, we’re able to give your fish a complete and balanced diet. It’s how we help care for your fish, inside & out.



Forrest Mars, Sr. worked with food scientist, Dr. David Ford – to not only develop a fish food that would be nutritionally superior to all others, but to also prove it with lab-controlled trials.


The AQUARIAN® brand was born when the first fish food products were launched in the UK. Seven different large flake size recipes were developed, and identified by colour so fish keepers could select the best recipe for their fish.

Early 1980's

In the early 1980’s, the AQUARIAN® brand moved away from aluminium cans by developing high-density plastic packaging with a foil seal to ‘lock in that freshness.’

Mid 1980's

Marketing and PR outreach is initiated and expansion into new markets begins with leaflets and booklets to help attract beginners to the AQUARIAN® brand.

Late 1980's

The Aqualab is built in Yorkshire, England focusing on engineering and product design.


A new lab is designed for pure research into fish nutrition at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition in Leicestershire, England.

Late 1990's

The AQUARIAN® product range greatly expanded their line of offerings to include fish food granules, sticks and pellets, and their packaging was redesigned to better meet consumer needs.

Early 2000's

Mars, Incorporated acquires Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® (known today as API®) and RENA® making a global Fishcare unit with food, treatments and equipment and begins selling AQUARIAN® products in conjunction with these brands worldwide!


The AQUARIAN® brand celebrates 30 years with new promotional campaigns showcasing new and improved recipes formulated with added vitamins and minerals.


The AQUARIAN® brand turns 40 and continues to offer a complete and balanced diet for fish!


The AQUARIAN® brand launches Goldfish and Tropical Flakes in a new, 100 gram size tub.


After 10 years of its classic packaging, the AQUARIAN® brand introduces new packaging after conducting a multivariate design approach.

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